A career full of highlights !

Through the years, we played concerts in cities all around the world and had oportunities to rock with global super stars:

1 Concert - 250.000  people

Our biggest concert so far was on the main stage at prime time in front of 250.00 people in Belgrade. You don't believe us? Watch the video.

Bon Jovi

We were the official supporting act of Bon Jovi. The management itself had chosen us from hundreds of bands!

Russia Tour

Nothing is as cool as Russian parties. Thanks to our hosts!

Brian Setzer

We were fans of Brian Setzer from an early age. But when we stood on stage as his support act a dream came true.

McDonalds and Burger King

Do you know those screens in the stores? Our music videos can be seen there!

Ad for Greenpeace

A shoot between David and Goliath: For a Greenpeace commercial we acted for once as a band.

Sea Cruise

Everybody warned us it was going to be stressful to play on a cruise ship. But we didn't want to miss this adventure. The pool area was filled with our sound every afternoon and every day ended with a night-long jam session.


Relax, take it easy: Mika is a wonderful guy and such a powerful star on stage!

Jerry Lee Lewis

The one and only killer enjoyed our show and met us backstage in his dressing room right before he went on stage.

Shakin' Stevens

We love his sound! It was such an honor for us to play as the supporting act of Shakin' Stevens.

Concerts all over Europe

Our heart beats for touring and live gigs.

We                    our fans